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Contemporary Dual Outlet Digital Processor

Contemporary Dual Outlet Digital Processor



  • Dual Outlet Digital Processor, Contemporary Trim Kit, Wall Arm And Round Fixed Head And Bath Waste With Bath Filler
  • Comes In Either A Low Or High Pressure

Consistent Temperature; The advanced thermostatic control keeps the water at the set temperature- even if someone turns on a tap

 Automatic Shutoff; If your water or power supply fails, the shower will turn off completely

Quiet Pump; Get high pressure showering with less noise, the integrated pump on our low pressure models, feature an extra quiet motor

Flexible Options; Choose from options for single shower heads, dual shower heads, and dual bath and shower flow 

Temperature Override; Each Digital processor has a pre-set maximum temperature of 41oC, and as bath temperatures are usually higher, the bath flow of the dual outlet shower bath is pre-set at 44oC

Installation; Push-fit isolation valves and a standard electrical plug fitting, plus easy to set up cable connections, make them  extremely simple to install.

Cleaning Mode; Activate to clean the controls without accidentally turning on your shower. Simply press and hold the power button to enable cleaning mode.

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